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How to give an insulin injection into the arm

Clean the injection site.

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slide 1 of 6, Clean the injection site.,

Make sure the area of skin where you will give the shot is clean. If you use alcohol to clean the skin before you give the injection, let it dry. Remove the cap from the syringe.

Pinch up the skin.

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slide 2 of 6, Pinch up the skin.,

Using your knee, push up the back of your arm to create a "pinched-up" area of skin.

Push the needle into the skin.

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slide 3 of 6, Push the needle into the skin.,

Push the needle all the way into the pinched-up area.

Relax the skin.

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slide 4 of 6, Relax the skin.,

Lower your knee slightly so that the back of your arm is no longer pinched up.

Inject the insulin.

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slide 5 of 6, Inject the insulin.,

Push the plunger of the syringe all the way in.

Throw the needle away safely.

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slide 6 of 6, Throw the needle away safely.,

Throw away the needle in a sharps container or other solid plastic container. You can get a sharps container at your pharmacy.

Current as of: October 2, 2023

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