KVEO Newscenter 23 interviews Dr. Jose R. Nieves Sosa on Robotic Surgery

In an interview with KVEO Newscenter 23’s reporter Abigail Camilo, Dr. Nieves Sosa comments on robotic surgery and the advancements in technology that make minimally invasive surgery so much more precise and ultimately better for the patient resulting in less blood loss, shorter hospital stay, and smaller incisions.

Dr. Nieves Sosa said:

“Actually you can have three arms instead of two so you have three arms inside a patient instead of two so you can have one arm holding something into place and do surgery with the other two arms.”

“The differences between these tools and the traditional microscopic tools is the movement is rigid and this one has a wrist-ed motion and it moves even freer than the human wrist, so anything any type of movement you can do with your hands, you can do with these instruments.”

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