Take the National Women’s Health Week Pledge

You may be wondering what’s special about May 8-14? This month, we at Brownsville OB/GYN Associates encourage women to take the National Women’s Health Week pledge.

What Happens National Women’s Health Week? 

Each year starting on Mother’s Day, the U.S. Department of Health and the Office on Women’s Health want to empower women to make their health a priority. For the entire week, women are encouraged to learn more about their health and take a pledge to take at one step towards better health.

Tips for Improving Your Health

When you take the pledge, the Office on Women’s Health recommends specific areas of your health to focus on by age. Follow Brownsville OB/GYN Associates on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about ways to stay healthy at any age in life. There a few things that anyone can do to improve their health:

At 20 Years oldNational women's health week

You should have your first pap test at 21 if you haven’t already and have a sexually transmitted infection screening if necessary.

At 30 Years old

Be sure to talk with your obgyn if you are planning on getting pregnant. Continue to get an annual well-woman visit during your 30s.

At 40 Years old

Decide with your obgyn when you should have a mammogram, especially if you have certain risk factors. If you’re having perimenopause symptoms, there may be ways to manage these symptoms.

At 50 Years old

During your 50s, it is good to get a lung cancer screening if you are a current or past smoker. It is also time to have a preventative screening for colorectal cancer.

At 60 Years old

Continue to get regular mammograms and osteoporosis screenings during your 60s.

At 70 Years old

Be sure to get a seasonal flu shot, a shingles shot, and a pneumonia shot, as well as others your doctor may recommend.

At 80 Years old

Discuss with your doctor ways to prevent falls, and if you have any problems with your visions or hearing.  


Contact our Brownsville, TX, office to schedule an appointment for a well-woman visit or if you have any concerns.